About this Librarian

Creating havoc with a few well-chosen words…

I’m a librarian on the loose: running around with maddening opinions, book reviews, related ideas and whatever else pops into my head. It’s really much scarier than me running around with scissors. Actually both are pretty scary. But running around with scissors won’t ripple the fabric of the Internet.

I started this blog with a purpose: to one day own my own bookstore…Wait, what? How does a blog get me a bookstore? While it won’t, monetarily, it will build an audience. When I eventually do own my business, I will be able to better market my store via social media. So this lovely little blog will be my way of getting the practice in early. And, hey, if I get to review some awesome books before they are published, that’s just icing on the cake.

Wondering why I don’t have my name posted?
I am a teacher librarian, and I have to be circumspect about my online activities. If I were just reviewing regular novels, there would be no problem. If I wasn’t going to swear like a truck-driving sailor–sometimes, not all the time–I would probably post under my own name. However, I love to read erotic romances. I’m not ashamed of my personal book choices, but they are just that. My personal book choices. I don’t particularly want my tech-savvy students to go find my personal book preferences. They have already shown me mug shots of fellow teachers. Literally.

Isn’t that a bit…hypocritical? Situationally ironic?
Eh…it might be. I mean I want to open a bookstore and create a safe place for people to find and read the books they love. It’s just all about context and reputation. Amanda Quick’s Deception has a great line that sticks with me about reputation. It goes something like, “Reputation is how the world sees you and the world is frequently wrong.” In the teacher-game, a bad reputation, even if the world is wrong, can affect your job prospects. We are not politicians who can spit-shine the tarnish. We teach your children and you are very protective (rightfully so…okay, most-of-time-sometimes-you-go-overboard…).


3 thoughts on “About this Librarian

  1. Hello Librrarian:) just reading your about page, I feel much more better for my reasons to not become a teacher. just because your life outside of the school can be put under the microscope and then your reputation be discredited. These day anything that happens between a student and/or teacher always ends up on the news. Hope to read more of your blog posting, especially if you have any suggestion on books to read. That is something that I need to do myself.


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