Struggling along this path…

I didn’t skip assignment #4. I really have been trying to write for my ideal audience. I revisited posts that I never quite completed. I’ve started a dozen posts in my mind. I’ve gone back and looked at my site and customized the heck out of it (to change it, yet again…and again). I’m working on the header in hopes of helping to figure out my “brand”, my “vision”…my ultimate audience, as it were.

I read the Daily Post’s blog about Canva, a way to create a custom header. I have been playing with what I want my header to say. I keep going back to quotes and having my blog title. But then that is redundant because I already have header with my blog post name. And which quotes?

One of the quotes I was considering

One of the quotes I was considering

Aargh! The thinking is getting too much. I have messed and messed and tried to figure out the header, and what I want from my blog. I have hit upon quotes that focus on journeys and paths. I am trying to figure out my path. I want to write about books, the issues I discover in them. I also want to write about topics that interest me, trending or not.

Does the walker choose the path...

Another quote option for the header

I fear that I have bitten off more than I can chew. I mean, even rereading this post: it’s all over the place. It lacks focus. I have a few ideas strung together on a threadbare rope. It’s one of those nerve-wracking moments. Will the blog be saved before the rope breaks?

Stay tuned…


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