The “why” of it…

I started this blog eons ago because I wanted to review books. I really wanted to review books before they were published and the site I was using wanted you to write a blog about the book. No problem. I will create a blog and write about books…

Yea, that didn’t quite work out. I would remember to write the review a month after I was supposed to. Or in the case of some of the books, I would never write the review. Obviously I haven’t been holding up my end with the review site, so we haven’t really communicated for awhile.

What can I say? I wasn’t as inspired as I wanted to be. I find I like writing about a social aspect the book and what I liked or didn’t like about it. But the feeling of having to write about the book just depressed me. I am a tad recalcitrant and obdurate that way.

So, I started Blogging 101 in February. I was determined to focus and become a good blogger. During my first introduction I realized that part of the reason I am writing a blog is to develop a brand. I want to open my own bookstore own day and social media is a huge marketing tool that I must be willing to use. If I get people to know me know, if I develop my skills as a blogger and social media user, then I have a leg up on the rest of the competition. (My first introduction)

Then it all came crashing to an abrupt end. I missed a day’s assignment. I kept meaning to catch up but I let myself be lured in other directions. I posted a few more book reviews but the blog has lain stagnant.

Again, though, I had decided to focus on book reviews. And I think that is my problem. I am creating a blog with a view that is too limited. Books are a wonderful vehicle to explore the world. I want people to find books, but I don’t want to limit my view. So that brings me to the second assignment of Blogging 101: title & tag.

I really like my title “Librarian on the Loose.” I self-identify as a librarian. It is part of my identity. And the imagery of being on the loose appeals to me. So often I repress my thoughts and feelings because I have to be professional. I can’t call the person asking a stupid question an idiot. The stereotype of a librarian is this repressed, button-upped woman.

librarian stereotypeOr you get the male sexual fantasy of a librarian that is like a stripper. Once the buttons come undone, it’s time to party!! I’ve actually been told that librarians are on a guys Top 10 List of Women to Sleep With. While on the one hand it was gratifying (he was totally hitting on me and isn’t that always a nice ego boost), the objectification is a little off-putting. But now I wonder…is it on a LGBTQ list? Is it a fantasy for all people? I digress…

I want my blog to be an outlet. I want to explore issues and call attention to important ideas. I still want to review books but I don’t want to limit myself so much. I want to explore the idea of what librarians do after work, after dark. That’s where my tagline would help to define my blog. I like the idea of my current tagline (“Because someone said running with books was safer) because it plays with the idea that I am running around, on the loose. It also plays with the idea of running with scissors (which is dangerous) and creating an analogy that it should be safer to run with books but isn’t. So taking all of that, I have a few ideas for my tagline, but none of them are giving me that “zing”.

  1. Librarian on the Loose: Running around after dark with ideas instead of scissors.
  2. Librarian on the Loose: Creating havoc with a few well-chosen words
  3. Librarian on the Loose: Chasing a dream one post at a time

Thoughts, suggestions, and comments appreciated!


4 thoughts on “The “why” of it…

  1. I like the current tagline… but if you *really* want to change it, I’m in love with “Librarian on the Loose: Chasing a dream one post at a time” because I believ in the “one day at a time” thought and I love the idea to apply it to writting. The whole post is awesome and motivates me to read more on your blog. 🙂


  2. Hey there! I really love your blog title–reading your thoughts about it solidify that it’s perfect for you! I worked at a library in college and love the idea of being a librarian on the loose. I also like your current tagline–the play on “running with scissors” is really fun. Of the three ideas you’ve listed for a potential new one, the second one really stands out to me. It conveys the more edgy, “dangerous” aspect of what you’re going for more than the other two… like you’re running all over the place wreaking havoc and that words are the lethal weapons. Great post and best of luck maintaining consistency!


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