Introduction to Me…

I seem to be on a loop of re-introducing myself. Ha.

I started this blog back in August because I was being greedy…I wanted to get a book from NetGalley. NetGalley allows members to sign up for Advanced Reader’s Copies (ARCs). I really wanted to read this book before it came out. The advice of the site was to have a blog as well as post reviews on their website. Hmmm…if them’s the rules, well, them’s the rules!

But I have thought about starting a blog for a while. I like writing my opinions and sharing them. I know that my opinions are not necessarily unique, but they are mine and I want to share them. I loved creative non-fiction writing and op-ed style pieces while I was in school. Why not give it another shot?

During my journey to finding NetGalley and starting this blog, I realized that this would be a great platform for me to start to build my future business. I want to open a book store–a used bookstore. I want it to be a place of community but also a place that reflects who I am as a person. And blogs are a great marketing tool. Why not build an audience now so I can get a bigger customer base later?

All these reasons sound so venal. But aren’t most blogs (even the NGO/not-for-profit/good-two-shoes) a selfishly selfless way to share yourself?


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