When you want to bitch slap a character

I love Sylvia Day. I have been on tenterhooks waiting for the latest installment of her Crossfire series. I finally got the book from the library this weekend! I was having a hermit weekend, anyway, so I spent most of my Saturday reading Eva & Gideon’s story, Captivated by You.

Quick synopsis:
Eva and Gideon met, fell in love and married each other in a matter of weeks (10 to be precise). They are still learning to navigate their personal neurosis and demons AND they are trying to find their balance as a couple. Will Gideon’s manipulations ruin their future?

I was totally engaged. The POVs of the story switch back and forth between Gideon and Eva. I really like how we see both sides of the story. It also mixes up the sex scenes (which are HOT). We see them struggle–separately and together–with their relationships and their sexually-abusive pasts.

Yet…as I read more and more of their story, i really just wanted to bitch-clap the lot of them. They are making such emotion-fueled choices that inevitably create tension and angst. And it’s not like both Eva and Gideon are without a personal Jiminy Cricket. In fact, they each have a couple of sane voices advising them to slow down. But they don’t.

Finally, Gideon manipulates Eva too far. And we see (fearfully, because, despite their fucked-up heads, we really do want them to end up together) the relationship crumble. Eva goes into hiding; Gideon goes down a path of self-destruction. There’s hope, tough. At the end of Captivated by You, Gideon and Eva go on a date.

Bitch slap! Gibbs slap!


What the hell? You are married after 10 weeks and you finally go on a date to build trust up? They got this thing backwards!

Quick note on why I waited for the library version.
When I moved out of the country this year, I got rid of 99% of my books. I was convincing myself to embrace a new, less encumbered me. Any book I buy while overseas, I will have to get rid of. Books are more expensive here in the UAE (even used books).

Why not buy ebooks? Because I am saving my money and paying off my debt. I have a VPN, and my iBook account is set up for the States. So I could buy ebooks at US prices without a problem. But I still have those books on my account or on my iPad. I still have things.

And who’s to say I will love the book? When I buy a book, I want to love it forever. I have bought books by my favorite authors before and ended up giving them away as quickly as I could.

Last but not least…Libraries are awesome! Use ’em or lose ’em


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