Stop insulting men by calling them “women”

Allelujiah! I don’t know if it is the advent of social media or what, but it’s about damn time Feminism made front-line news. Shailene Woodley’s “I’m not a feminist because I don’t hate men” has caused a firestorm of response.  Beyonce’s epic entrance at an award show to let everyone know her political stance. Fox News (and the Daily Shows response) to catcalling on the street.

Beyonce’s VMA performance entrance

In all of our discussions of feminism, we have yet to address our language. We constantly see men being called women. It could be because they are expressing their feelings (stop being a little bitch. man up). Or because they are afraid of an experience (quit being such wimp). A man acts too feminine (what are you, a sissy?). And the ultimate insult, a general catch-all that seems to combine all the negative attributes of womanhood: pussy.

In searching for other women-based insults, I found this great blog post by Emily Heist Moss, “What You’re Really Saying When You Call Me a Bitch”. We show our prejudices when we say insult with identity-specific insults. We are saying that the worst thing to be is a woman. I hate that. Shouldn’t we all hate that?

So I am starting a campaign. It’s grass-roots, starting with friends and family. I want the word pussy to only mean my genitals, not the worst of womanhood. When I read the word in my favorite romance novels, I want those writers to only use pussy in a sexual context and it had better be with a bit reverence. Women make babies! Women put their bodies through hell to bring life into this world. Their pussies are punished for the miracle of life.

Visual representation of

A baby, weighing anywhere from 5.5 to 10 pounds, usually 14 to 20 inches long, with a head circumference between 33-36 cm, is shoved through a 10 cm opening. 

Women should be the most celebrated beings, not the worst insult to call a man. I’m insulted that men are compared to my lovely body and its amazing strength.

So, if we are going to be identify-specific in our insult, let’s choose the appropriate genitalia. Men aren’t being pussies; they are being scrotums. Think about it. A scrotum is a fleshy, sensitive sack of skin that just…hangs there. It is incredibly easy to hurt. When a scrotum is hit, the pain debilitates a man to such an extent that walking is sometimes not possible. It causes loss of breath and often awkward, high-pitched noises.

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