It’s been too long!

I have taken too long a hiatus. I started this blog when I started a new job. Bad idea! It quickly had to take a backseat to my work. I also was very active with Net Galley. I was reading and posting to their website, and not so much to the blog. that is going to change.

Part of my problem was finding motivation at the end of the day. I was tired and by the time i got home after an 8 hour day, I was knackered. I just wanted to chill and read. Solution: Get the WordPress App, an iPad mini keyboard, and type during lunch!

This is my first attempt. There are a few kinks to work out. The Keyboard is not very sensitive, so I have to hit the keyboard just right, or I get word mashups. And they are not pretty. The delete button is below the numbers, so I often add in equal signs rather than delete unwanted letters. Luckily, I have autocorrect on, and spellcheck, so it’s easyeasier to sound intelligent.

Wish me luck, Internet ether!


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