Let’s get the introduction out of the way.

As the title of the blog suggests, I am a librarian. I am media specialist/school/teacher librarian. I willingly admit that I am not a super librarian. I am not one of those out-of-the-box thinkers who can engage students of all ages and can collaborate with teachers by the end of the first year. I am by no means a slacker (though, don’t most of us have those tendencies? really, even the uber-Type-A people have those tendencies, they can simply crush them beneath the grinding gears of their ambition. Maybe the world would be a little more balanced if we all embraced our inner-slacker, just a little bit. To make light of a horrible situation, how different would the Holocaust have been if Hitler had been just a little bit more slacker and less megalomaniac?).

WAIT! What just happened there? I was introducing myself and then random ramblings! Yeah…that’s kind of how I roll. I live in details (poor forest). I will take a long circuitous route sometimes, but don’t worry, I will always get back to the reason for the story. 

 I am a good librarian who can connect with students and staff. BUT…being a school librarian is not my life’s dream. My dream is a community center-bookstore; my dream is connections. I would love to create a business-cooperative, small businesses agreeing to some basic tenets of love, joy and community. I want a bookstore that has open-mike nights for poets and singers, local authors are lauded, and people have a place of refuge, a place to hang that accepts them in all their glory. I want a store where bad words are bad form and a bad form is shown the door. I want a place where silence is not an enemy to filled with words, but also a place where words can pour out like heaved breath or a soft sigh.

So why this blog? Why review books? Because books are the building blocks of my once-and-future business, reviews are my way to make connections.


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